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Kelsey's tireless work ethic, kindness, integrity, and accountability stand out as exceptional qualities that make him one of the most reliable and solid people I know. He has an incredible ability to support others connect with their deeper truth while also staying grounded in his own truth.

Thomas Meli Tutor, Educator, Coach, Writer, Musician July 13, 2016



The "accelerated learning community" (ALC) project is based on the Seven Spheres System (S3) model I've designed over the past six years for both online and offline "systemically balanced" community-building, resources management, cultural renovation, and personal development.

Based on a wide variety of influences on the subjects of self- and team-development--including Peter Senge's principles of learning organizations and Donna Meadow's work on systems thinking traps and solutions--and incorporating many optimal attributes from the "accelerated learning" trend, ALCs offer an alternative, holistic education system for all personalities and skill sets. Anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or background who's interested in creating or participating in an extended network of like minds--be it virtual and/or local--and that integrates a self-driven, systems-oriented, and higher speed learning model with community-building methods that directly correspond to results from both independent and group learning will find this to be an excellent prospect to consider.

Project Launch Date: TBA

The Sharp Edge of Human Being ("SEHB") is the first book I've ever written and actually considered publishing. It is a work of speculative sci-fi fiction that targets the topics of biological anthropology, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence within a modern-day context, especially the effects of the movements in these fields on the social sphere of human life.

The story follows a young man, Theo, who tries to his best ability to understand the mysterious attributes and phenomenal events of a woman he finds in the middle of the Arizona desert. Unconvinced if her story is an outright lie or is truly--if improbably--possible, he is forced to reinterpret the very fabric of common knowledge concerning everything he has ever believed or been taught by the society you and I take for granted. 

Complete in its first draft, it will be undergoing a final round of rewrites, editing, and reviews before being released to the general public for your enjoyment and scrutiny. 

Visit My SEHB Page: The Sharp Edge FB Page

Tentative Publication Date: TBA

The Sharp Edge of Human Being


Study coaching is not merely about passing on knowledge. It is about effectively discerning important information from unimportant information, retaining that information in a way that renders it useful for applying it to real life situations or personal pursuits, and taking less time (not more) to do it and get the job done.

I specialize in high school mathematics, namely algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and precalculus. I have over 200 hours of in-person private tutoring experience in high school-level math alone, plus several hundreds more in both in-person and online tutoring in other fields.

I aspire to help others learn something different, something better, than what we're all commonly taught in school or at home, because I believe in the immense potential we each have to make a positive difference in the world.

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